Before You Fly This Winter, Get This Training Course

The Practical Guide To Winter Flying will not only teach you how to manage encounters with ground and in-flight icing, but also provide you the tools to make smarter decisions so you fly confidently during the coming cold, winter months.

Designed and taught by airline pilots. This online course delivers on the real world experience of two flight instructors and their cold weather operations knowledge from flying as airline captains.

For The Cost of 1-Hour of Flight Instruction

You’ll gain instant access to the entire course training video, audio, slideshow presentation, instructional notes, and transcript. You can review these materials over and over again, whenever you feel like it, saving you from the need to hire a CFI for refresher training!

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An Easy To Use Training System For All Styles Of Learning

Whether you learn by watching, listening, or reading, we've got you covered!

  • 60-Minute Training Video

    Multimedia Presentation Compatible On PC, Mac, iOS, And Android ($67 Value)

  • 60-Minute Companion Audio

    Audio For Learning On-The-Go In MP3 Format ($47 Value)

  • Slideshow Images & Instructional Notes

    Direct Access To Course Materials In PDF Format ($37 Value)

  • Complete Course E-Book Transcript

    Handy Training Reference Guide In PDF Format ($47 Value)

A Great Pilot Is A Proficient Pilot

Learning from two professional pilots with 43 years of combined flying experience and over 15,000 flight hours will leave you feeling confident to make smart decisions while conducting safe cold weather operations.

Here's what you can expect to learn during the 60-minute online training...

  • What Is Ice

  • Ground Operations

  • Aircraft Contamination

  • Airport Contamination

  • Ground Ice

  • In-Flight Ice

  • Frost

  • Carburetor Ice

  • Induction Ice

  • Engine Inlet Ice

  • Ground Deicing

  • Deicing Fluids

  • Snow

  • Rime, Clear, Mixed Ice

  • Supercooled Liquid Droplets

  • Aerodynamic Concerns

  • Wing vs Tail Stall

  • Flight Into Known Icing

  • Atmospheric Conditions

  • Physical Icing Cues

  • Icing Intensity Levels

  • Ice Removal Methods

  • FAA Certified vs Non-Hazard

  • Autopilot Concerns

  • System Failures

  • Emergencies

  • Exit Strategies

  • Pre-Flight Resources

  • Icing Resources

  • Quizzes

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Take advantage of our ridiculously generous 12-Month, Money Back Happiness Guarantee and order The Practical Guide to Winter Flying today. We stand behind our products. If during the next 12 months you are not satisfied with this course or you truly do not learn a single new piece of information, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked!

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Before you think about heading to the airport this winter, order The Practical Guide To Winter Flying and fly confidently throughout the cold season.

Fly Smart. Fly Safe.

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